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White papers and podcasts for risk, insurance and HR

Here's the deal.

* You know that a well-executed white paper can generate leads and establish brand authority–but you don’t have the in-house skills or bandwidth to make it happen.

* You’re looking for a reliable white paper writer or podcast consultant who brings top-notch writing skills and business acumen–someone who understands that good content is equal parts story and strategy.

* You know that podcasts create intimate, emotional connections with prospects–the kinds of connections that build brand awareness and keep you top of mind.

* You work in an industry that's perceived as boring (hello, risk and insurance) or stuffy (ahem, HR and employee experience) and you need someone who can cut through the noise to forge real human connections.


Eagranie is the best writer I’ve ever worked with. Her general approach of curiosity, learning, being proactive and striving for utmost quality truly sets her apart and makes her writing—and the experience of working with her—quite exceptional.

Phil Alampi, Chief Revenue Officer, Aclaimant

Head shot of Phil Alampi, Chief Revenue Officer at Aclaimant

Imagine a white paper or podcast that people actually want to engage with.

Imagine a white paper that positions you as the leader in your industry, or a podcast that regularly builds brand awareness with your target customers.Imagine your complex, technical solution explained in plain language and wrapped in engaging narrative–and supported with a distribution strategy to fuel your content engine for months.Imagine the feedback from your sales team (awesome!) and your prospects (let’s talk!).

But you need the right freelancer.

Your in-house team is spread thinner than your patience for bad content. And even if it wasn’t, your team doesn’t have the skill set that white papers and podcasts demand.And if we’re being honest, you’re hesitant to work with a new freelancer. You’ve been burned by writers who didn’t do their research and didn’t deliver the quality you need. You hired a freelancer because you needed help–but you got extra to-dos in rework and reviews.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Photo of Eagranie Yuh, B2B writer and podcast consultant

Meet your new secret weapon: a writer who makes it easy to create white papers that customers actually want to read, and podcasts that people actually want to listen to.Who am I? I'm Eagranie (ee-graw-nee): An award-winning writer, ex-journalist with next-level research and interview skills, and a strategic marketing brain. And I come with a battle-tested playbook to guide you from content chaos to content clarity.

“The best writer.”

Eagranie is easily the best writer I’ve worked with. She’s proactive, curious, creative and can translate specialist ideas, research findings or the seeds of an idea into a compelling story. All that, in weekend language that works for our C-level audience.

Global Lead, Talent and Organization, Fortune Global 500 consulting company

You probably have a few questions...

Do you speak C-suite?

Yup! In fact, I'm fluent in C-suite. As a ghostwriter for global executives, I got an intimate look at how industry leaders think, how they communicate with their peers and what matters to them. And because C-suite execs are humans too, I can translate complex topics into weekend language that they’ll actually want to engage with.

Can you accommodate multiple reviews with multiple departments?

No problem. In fact, most of my clients have complex review processes. I’ve learned to ask questions early in the process to help get ahead of major detours later down the road. And where many freelancers limit the number of reviews, I don’t. I aim to be an extension of your team—and if that means wrangling one last edit from legal, I’m here for you.

How are you with complex topics and business strategy?

Bring it on! I have over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, explaining everything from insurance claims automation to change management. And I hold a Mini MBA in Marketing, so I ensure that we're connecting the dots between your content, your customer and your strategy.

You live in Australia?

Yes, I live in Australia. Tasmania, to be exact (that’s the triangular island south of Australia that keeps the "mainland" from sliding into Antarctica). I’ve worked with clients across four continents and trust me, the time difference is totally doable. In fact, sometimes it works in your favor because I'm at work–while you're asleep.

Invest in content that gets you noticed

Work with me and we’ll develop a white paper or podcast that’s an asset to your team–not another thing on your endless to-do list.

White papers
Build brand authority & credibility to become a trusted expert.

Black headphones on a yellow background

Make meaningful connections that build brand affinity.

Photo of Eagranie Yuh, white paper writer and podcast consultant

About me
I connect the dots as a marketer, journalist & scientist.

What clients say...

Photo of Jen Moss, Chief Creative Officer of JAR Audio

“Uncommon ability.”

Eagranie has the uncommon ability to make potentially "boring," dry or corporate topics actually interesting to a wider audience. She brings intelligence, curiosity, wit and sense of humour to her storytelling. She grasps and brings to light what's just under the surface, or "unsaid."

Jen Moss, Chief Creative Officer, JAR Audio

“A complete pro.”

Eagranie is a complete pro, through and through. Equally important: every single person who interacted with Eagranie let me know how meaningful it was to be interviewed by her. She’s considerate, accountable and receptive, and I would work with Eagranie again in a heartbeat.

Lisa Smith, Manager, Change and People Development, Prospera Credit Union

Photo of Jen Moss, Chief Creative Officer, JAR Audio


I have never worked with a better writing partner. Eagranie's writing is clear and her willingness to truly act as a team member in gaining consensus is exceptional.

F. Singer, CMO, insurtech company

Ready to get one step closer to a high-impact white paper or podcast?

Podcast consulting

Why branded podcasts?

You see all those people walking around with earbuds? They could be engaging with your brand.If only you had a way to regularly create authentic connections with listeners...Enter the branded podcast. When you make a podcast that delivers value, that has human conversations and real perspectives, you build brand affinity and awareness. And since podcasts come out with regular frequency, that's an opportunity to be constantly top of mind with your target audience.In other words, podcasts can help you build trust.And just how many people are we talking about? An estimated 74 million Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts weekly, and on average, listen to eight podcasts per week.*

* Edison Research, The Infinite Dial 2022 report

Why internal podcasts?

Internal podcasts are the cousin of the branded podcast. They're made with a specific audience in mind: your employees.They're a terrific opportunity to bring life to potentially boring corporate initiatives, highlight expertise within your four walls and add a novel channel to your corporate comms mix (you know, one that isn't email).And what's good for the goose is good for the gander: Unless you're having confidential conversations, there's a huge benefit to publishing your podcast to public channels like Spotify and Apple. Internal podcasts are a sneak peek into the culture of your company–making them a great recruiting tool.

Bespoke podcast services

You are:

  • A busy marketer, HR or corporate comms expert who needs help developing and implementing a branded podcast.

  • Ready to invest in content that builds real human connections and fosters trust.

You get:

A customized podcast strategy that outlines how (and who you need) to make your podcast idea come to life...and hit business goals.

You're an expert in marketing, HR or corporate comms. You know you want to add a podcast to the mix, but you don't have the skill set to make it happen.How do you figure out what to talk about? How do you find and prepare guests? How do you edit the audio when you're done?And who the heck's going to host the thing?I can help you with:


  • Clarify your strategy, objectives and audience

  • Figure out the best podcast format for your needs

  • Zero in on a podcast name that's unique and noteworthy

  • Refine your creative concept into discrete episodes, topics and hooks


  • Identify and research best-fit guests

  • Script episodes and question lines

  • Third-party research as needed

  • Edit interview content to your chosen length and format

  • Liaise with audio and production teams

Host and interview coaching

  • Brief and prepare your host before each interview

  • Train and coach your host to improve interview skills

  • Depending on the project, we can discuss having me host your podcast

Project management

  • Manage project timelines and milestones

  • Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders

  • Help set up in-house or remote recording capabilities

  • Schedule pre-interviews and interviews

You'll get an action plan for exactly what you need to make a world-class podcast...and none of the things you don't.

Investment: Please get in touch for a customized quote

Photo of Stefanie van Hooijdonk, VP People Experience at Prospera Credit Union

“Cuts to the core of an idea.”

As a host, Eagranie is adept at channeling our organization’s enthusiasm and quickly cuts to the core of an idea. As a strategist and story editor, she provides clear guidance—and a structured process that still leaves room for creativity and collaboration. I really enjoyed working with her and I know the team at Prospera did too!

Stefanie van Hooijdonk, Vice President People Experience, Prospera Credit Union

Podcast audit

You are:

  • Part of a team that's launched a branded or internal podcast...but you're not sure if you're doing it right.

  • In charge of your company's podcast, but you're not sure it's hitting all the objectives.

You get:

An expert's ears and recommendations to give you the clarity and confidence you need to drive the future of your podcast.

The podcast audit is for marketers and HR leaders who've successfully launched a podcast. First of all, congratulations! That's no small feat.But even though you managed to get internal buy-in for the podcast and make the damn thing, you have doubts. Are we doing it right? Are we making mistakes we don't know about? And if the podcast has been live for a while, is it hitting the objectives we wanted it to?The podcast audit includes:

  • A one-hour consultation call

  • Clarifying your objectives, audience and underlying strategy

  • Expert review of up to 3 episodes, or 60 minutes of audio, of your choosing

You'll get a customized, actionable plan that calls out what's working, what could be improved, and how to take your podcast to the next level.

Investment for podcast audit: $997 US

Podcast consult

You are:

  • A marketer who wants an expert's opinion of your podcast idea.

  • An HR or learning & development leader who needs to sell your boss on an internal podcast.

You get:

A content outline and project plan to help you take your next steps to produce a podcast. With confidence.

The podcast consult is a great option if you want to validate your podcast idea with an industry expert. Or maybe you already know you have a good idea—and you need help convincing internal stakeholders to move forward.The podcast consult includes:

  • A one-hour consultation call

  • Clarifying your objectives, audience and underlying strategy

  • Deciding which podcast format is best suited for your needs

  • Guidance on how many episodes to develop

  • Brainstorming high-impact topics, angles and guest options

  • A shortlist of podcast names

  • A plan for an ideal project timeline, and a review and publishing process

You'll get a high-level strategic plan that outlines what you're making, how you'll make it and how you'll set yourself up for success.

Investment for podcast consult: $997 US

“Gained the trust of our team.”

Eagranie was an incredible partner! She gained the trust of our team, our interviewees and ultimately our organization. An employee podcast was a new concept for Prospera, but our experience with Eagranie and the exceptional results means this has become a new communication channel for other initiatives.

TJ Schmaltz, Chief People & Legal Officer, Prospera Credit Union

Photo of TJ Schmaltz, Chief People and Legal Officer at Prospera Credit Union
Photo of Tanya Francis, accountant at Prospera Credit Union

“Chatting with an old friend.”

I'd never been on a podcast before and was quite nervous. Eagranie did a great job in guiding and preparing me for the process. Her voice is super soothing and as soon as I started chatting with her, I didn't feel like I was recording for a podcast but chatting with an old friend. Overall, it was a great experience.

Tanya Francis, podcast guest, Prospera Credit Union

“Warm and approachable.”

As a podcast host, Eagranie was exceptionally professional, warm and approachable throughout the process, from the first email until after the final episode was launched. Our conversation flowed so easily and I felt safe to be authentically myself. I would happily work with Eagranie again.

Jennifer Pretious Koh, Principal, Pretious Coaching

Photo of Stefanie van Hooijdonk, VP People Experience at Prospera Credit Union

Ready for an expert's take on your podcast idea?

White papers

Why white papers?

Wouldn't it be nice if prospects stepped tidily through the marketing funnel so you could give them exactly what they need to move from awareness to advocacy?But only 5% of buyers are even in-market to begin with. The other 95% might not be ready to buy from you—for months or even years.*And those in-market buyers do a ton of research before they decide.

*The B2B Institute: "Advertising effectiveness and the 95-5 rule: most B2B buyers are not in the market right now."

So why white papers?Because when they're done well, they position your company as a credible authority in your industry. Because they offer value to your prospects while building brand awareness and trust.And because white papers are an example of rockstar content: long-form, in-depth reports that can fuel your content engine for the next 12 months.Sound good? I thought so.Here are three ways we can work together.

Complete white paper service

You are:

  • A busy marketer who wants your white paper DONE, thank you very much.

  • Ready to invest in rockstar content that will underpin a year's worth of marketing campaigns.

You get:

A high-impact white paper that resonates with customers, builds brand authority and fuels your content engine for the next year.

Imagine being on point, on brand and on customers' minds.Imagine no longer. Work with me and we'll cross "white paper" off your to-do list for good. (Well, for this quarter, anyway.)It's not just that I can take this giant task off your to-do list. It's that I make it easy for you to produce a high-impact white paper that resonates with your audience.The complete white paper service includes:

  • Everything from the white paper consult and white paper strategy, plus...

  • Developing a high-impact white paper that resonates with your audience

  • Liaising with your graphic design team as needed

  • Proofreading your white paper until it sparkles


  • Distribution strategy—because even the best white paper won't perform if no one sees it

  • Ancillary marketing materials, including landing page, email nurture campaign, blog posts, social posts and more

  • Personalized white papers to support account-based marketing teams and directly target your top prospects

You'll get a professionally written, high-impact white paper that positions your company as the industry leader you know it is.

Investment for complete white paper service:
Clients typically invest $7-12k US

Photo of Alex Williams, Promotions Manager at Convr

“Very easy to work with.”

Eagranie is a true professional. She was very easy to work with, and exceptionally patient and proactive.

Alex Williams, Promotions Manager, Convr

White paper strategy

You are:

  • A marketer working with an in-house or contract white paper writer.

  • Needing to refine and structure your ideas into a cohesive, strategic plan.

You get:

An in-depth content outline that charts your path to a successful, high-impact white paper and equips your writer to do their best work.

Are you stuck trying to get a white paper off the ground? If you need help organizing your ideas, you're not alone.Maybe you're struggling to explain original and third-party research in a way that matters to your customers. You may wonder how to weave in your company's unique perspective, positioning and messaging. And how are you going to wrap all of that in an overarching narrative that people actually want to engage with?Let's get you unstuck. The white paper strategy includes:

  • Everything from the white paper consult, plus...

  • A one-hour call with your subject matter expert (SME)

  • The "data story": the structure of your original research or unique perspectives

  • The "narrative story": the way you'll frame your argument

  • Comprehensive third-party research to support your arguments

  • Opportunities to address customer wants, needs and objections

  • Alignment with company positioning and messaging

You'll get an in-depth outline that maps out exactly what to include at every step.
Think of it as a jetpack for your white paper writer.

Investment for white paper strategy: From $4000 US

Photo of Phil Alampi, Chief Revenue Officer, Aclaimant

“Brings out those a-ha moments.”

Eagranie possesses top-notch writing skills and a knack for storytelling. Part of her ability to do this stems from her willingness to do in-depth research and bring in relevant third-party proof points. She also interviews our thought leaders and brings out those a-ha moments, digging into assumptions and finding threads to tell a compelling story.

Phil Alampi, Chief Revenue Officer, Aclaimant

White paper consult

You are:

  • A marketer who wants an expert's opinion of your white paper idea.

  • A marketer who needs to make a business case to stakeholders before investing in a full white paper.

You get:

A high-level content outline and project plan to help you take your next steps to produce a white paper. With confidence.

The white paper consult is a great option if you want an expert's perspective to validate your white paper idea. Or, you know you have a good idea—and you need help convincing internal stakeholders to move forward.The white paper consult includes:

  • A one-hour call to clarify your objectives, audience and underlying strategy

  • Ideal white paper format

  • Shortlist of titles and subtitles

  • Overall structure of the white paper

  • Research needs, including first-party/original research and third-party/industry research

  • Ways to distribute and repurpose the white paper

  • Plan for an ideal timeline and process

You'll get a high-level strategic plan that outlines what you're making, how you'll make it and how you'll set yourself up for success.

Investment for white paper consult: $997 US

“Remarkable storyteller.”

Eagranie is a remarkable storyteller. Her comprehensive process includes close collaboration with the company’s team members and customers. Given her writing skills, management skills and overall professionalism, I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Eagranie.

Ioanna Goxhara, Marketing Manager, RetailAware

Your white paper isn't going to write itself, is it?

About Eagranie

Hi, I'm Eagranie.

(That's pronounced ee-graw-nee.)I help marketers in risk, insurance and HR build brand authority with white papers and podcasts.You might be wondering: How the heck does someone end up in this field?It’s been a windy career path.I hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry. Turns out, I don’t like doing lab research. But I love learning about and distilling complex ideas into plain language. And I’m a data geek.I'm also an award-winning writer and journalist. Turns out, I know how to tell a story. I’ve written for publications like The Washington Post, The South China Morning Post and Saveur. My work has been anthologized in Best Food Writing and has received several M.F.K. Fisher Awards.Prior to starting my own consultancy, I was the editorial director in a marketing communications agency, where I helped Fortune 500 companies conceptualize, develop and implement content marketing programs. Turns out, I’m a strategic and creative problem solver.By the time I left the agency, I had been a ghostwriter for global industry leaders, led programs with multi-million-dollar budgets, and helped several clients use white papers and podcasts to launch new services or pivot into new target markets.I’m a proud alumna of the Mini MBA in Marketing with Mark Ritson.Originally from Vancouver, I now live in Tasmania, Australia. I’m a runner, music geek and word nerd.

“A gem to work with.”

Eagranie helped me communicate my brand offer in a polished, clear and compelling way. She was relentless and fast in uncovering the deeper story. Her mindset makes her very easy to work with: she challenges herself, seeks out constructive feedback and takes pride in delivering work of high quality. A gem to work with.

Marisol Simard, Founder and Managing Director, FORESIGHT 500

Ready to cross that white paper or podcast off your to-do list?


Ready to be on point, on brand and on your customers' minds?

Photo of Eagranie Yuh, B2B writer and podcast consultant

Drop your details below and tell me a bit about what you need help with.Your business—and your to-do list—will thank you.

Work with Eagranie

Thank you


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You're one step closer to rockstar content.Thanks so much for getting in touch. I'll respond to your note soon.